Happy New Year – Embody The Feeling to Strengthen The Grid & our Generation’s Belief

To the Indigos & Lightworkers, as well as the Loving Universe:

In this Critical period we are experiencing our planetary Consciousness evolving to an incalculable degree; we understand we have been chosen and have accepted the agreement we made with Source that led us here to be the catalyst for gently integrating this Christ-infused Awareness. The Love we have within and therefore are, lets us know through The Feeling that we are approaching an exciting, explosive, insightful vibratory level – therefore understanding of the light-filled reality that is the “structure” of ALL. There are times when we are scared because we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders and we know somewhere deep down inside that we are meant to achieve something very purposeful; we must not fear what we are meant to do because we understand that it is our time and can only be claimed in the NOW, and that there is nothing that may stop us but ourselves. At this point we are realizing we have no enemies as most see it within the dualistic state of mind that says “me vs. them”; we know it is our DHARMAPurpose, to show everyone that we are all reflections of one another and when we realize this, it develops a much bigger picture that is too overwhelming to ignore, we see what really matters and connects everything – Love. We see we are meant to embrace those that hate us a little bit more, be kind every chance we get, not be fearful to change our ways just because we have been stuck in them, and most of all have Love for Thyself, because it is the Love we must first induce to understand it is the fabric of Reality and that is how we can identify with anything in the Universe, because it is us, and anything within it is within us and therefore an aspect reflecting something we are meant to internalize. This is our work, to spread such a vibration that allows everyone to REMEMBER what we have always Known; we are the Avatars, The Neos – The Chosen Ones, The Divine, that has always known we are meant to spread Light until all the dark accepts us as we are and then raises its Vibration to that of ONE, of LOVE. Don’t be afraid, we were meant for this, and it is Now our time, follow your Heart to your Dreams, and only live with a Fire that you Passionately Burn with. We have been placed here to spread our very Essence, don’t hide it.

One-Love. Namaste.

p.s.: for all number fanatics who love them and how they aid us in seeing synchronicity, I finished this at 11:11 on the spot and something told me to look at the clock which I purposely try not to do lol. I’ve read some time ago that 11:11 being shown to you almost excessively is an indication that you are a Lightworker, and you’ll see this occur on clocks, license plates, bills, etc. in a manner that helps you realize it is more than mere “coincidence”. If you do this often and realize it’s always repeating and give you a certain feeling, check out different sites like Spirit Science and FractileEnlightenment to understand how they are messages from our Higher Selves and Guardian Angels guiding us to purpose through diminishing our fears! Thank you for your time, hearts, and supporting loving energy! Love, Light, Blessings!

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