Kanye West is not saying he is a God as if he is The Almighty or what I prefer to use, Source or The ALL. It must be understood that he is highly intelligent and his level of Conscious is far beyond what people would like to give credit to, or honestly is much more powerful than we could ever currently understand in our usual “day-to-day” state of Consciousness, as we know it to be. He is saying that once coming to the Ultimate Realization or Great Awakening/Enlightenment, he came to Know that he is One with Source! I can’t just make up the claim and say it myself; the lyrics state it in the most perfect order. “Even though I’m a Man of God, my whole Life in the Hands of God, so y’all better quit playing with God”, pronounces he does not have Ultimate or Absolute Control; it is only by His Grace that he is granted this ability to create whatever he wants, let alone be able to utter the words/vibrate at the frequency that pronounces I AM, or I AM – GOD, LOVE. He tries to make it a little more blatant for people and if they looked into it deep enough or had sufficient internal understanding, they would understand he said “I Am a God” for a reason, not “I’m God” or some equivalent blasphemous statement. For those that do not understand, therefore do not understand thyself, this statement is, as Kanye is, egoistic and seems to reflect some statement towards the physical body only, which people identify as Kanye West; as opposed to seeing him for the Body, (Collective) Mind, Soul, Expression, Heart, and piece of Source that he is and is so clearly stating for everyone to wake up to!!!

It’s our birthright that is being offered to us; all we must do is listen to the song of the Heart and claim what is already ours, what & who we already are! To Remember HOME is to enter the Kingdom – where all has always been granted! This is where True and Infinite-Abundance dwells, where our riches are to be rediscovered (as you have so many times before) and claimed by our memory. The code is simple (simple is translated in German as Humble – Humility is the Key!)!

The Lords HOME has ALWAYS-BEEN our HOME, it’s the only REAL HOME! This is where our JOY lies and literally everything else within The UNIVERSE/CREATION.

It’s a birthright/our HOME to Be what is being Expressed; this is our very essence and creativity and once entered we understand the World/Universe is our playground to create beyond what we ever imagined for that which is always becoming – LIFE!

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