The Blessing – Life

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” – Anonymous

A Blessing is “what is Given”. Martin Heidegger (one of the most prominent philosophers of the 20th Century) begs everyone, in an attempt to awaken the masses to their highest capacity of understanding-conceptualization, to ask themselves “what am I given”. This is an askesis (spiritual exercise) within itself, causing us to think. In German, “to think”, comes from “to thank”, meaning to think about something really means that we are supposed to be giving thanks to it; Heidegger is attempting to have others understand that to think about something is to be thankful for it or better yet, appreciative. If one meditates on this thought, we become hypersensitive to the fact that, we have been given (Blessed with) everything! All the situations we dislike, the people that have pushed us in directions whether for “good or bad”, and that which we are and have embodied has all been given to us. It can’t be more blatant that Life IS The Blessing! All that has occurred “has” a reason, or in better terms, Purpose blessed us & IS the Reason or SOURCE (of our everything, it is the why, what, where, who, how)! Everything is The Blessing, “in disguise”, but when we are in the state of Love – our very essence, there is no disguise about it; we see Everything with a humbled clarity, feel it through our open hearts as our-Self, and radiate & bask in the Love & Beauty that is within all, omnipresent (ever-lasting), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing).    We are blessed to identify with & accept Purpose, and when we do so, we realize our purpose is to bless others – to aid them in realizing their purpose; when realized, there is an overwhelming sense of warmth, comfort, Bliss, Joy and Love that lets us know we have made it HOME – there is no “problem” in the Universe [that can’t be “solved”], we have moved our Being-Consciousness into the Heart (where Home-Source resides), and we ARE-ONE. The Unitary State – Nirvana, IS-ALWAYS PRESENT, we just have to listen and merge with our Heart to Know-Feel this existential Truth! Namaste-Blessings “I don’t know why you keep blessing me.. Now I Know why He keep Blessing me… So I can bless you”  – Kendrick Lamar p.s. Remember you are blessed solely so you can pass this gift on to another version of you that reflects a different aspect you must learn to internalize; this is Purpose!

His Pain – Kendrick Lamar & BJ The Chicago Kid

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