Divine Dialect

Twin Flames


Divine Dialect


a Dialect..

one between Angelic mates.. checking on another,

a King & a Queen both composing the energy of vice versa,

he comple(i)ments her, & she’s thankful for a true lover,

she sees with her Heart & taught him to do so.. without her,

but together there is no space on the board than cannot be inhabited,

to be All at once.. is in a womb.. the cosmic-universal habitat,

no words..

we speak of past days while breathing in tomorrow,

rain falls & cleanses.. helps rejoice through any sorrow,

a dropping & disappearing of Love so quickly will be hard to follow..



when gone.. but not gone – different form..

same tune but different song,

love lost.. impossible.. just prolonged,

testing the weight of what it’s worth,

unconditional love too deserved,

I held it all in a safe.. dangerously reserved, I was,

to keep holding back.. is to lose you before I had ya,

to reach for my dreams.. is to grasp what’s ever-lasting,

that which I’ve always been asking,

no b.s. because half-assing.. is cut off,

I run off [tangents].. a page.. or cliff for you,

noting that I’m prepared… I’d also grow a pair of wings.. too (two)

& when you jump off behind me.. together we learn what the leap of faith aids you to do.

we were always meant to win.. destined.. an understatement,

the feeling in me.. flowing through the air should make it blatant,

none of it has been coincidental,

& dividing all disasters/by you would make them non-quintessential,

any situation I’d dive into,

my memory is now remarkable..

I’ve hoped you marvel at what I’ve went through.

statistically I know this feeling doesn’t exist,

perpendicular paths the perfect addition in life, to teach truth.. sharper view, reshape a backwards perspective to make the angle right.. before it’s too acute (too narrow)..

most don’t have a clue.. of what I’m talking about,

only some dialogues are right for writing out

I leak light.. the more dark start pouring out

as my catalyst for a catharsis it’s you I clearly disclose about!

opening like clouds that’s been done blockin out

losing sight of a limit, like the sky (searching) leaping bounds

brilliant.. as the clouds uncover..

convinced the sun & me in cahoots.. my soul brother,

darlin I believe if we continue to dig in unison we’ll finally discover..

what’s been making the world go around..


I heard it through the song danced by Mother.

spoke with clarity saying we have always known eachother,

we could see the art in nature.. only consistent is change like colors

if dismissed in our dialogue.. we the living proof for the other


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