4, 3, 2, 1 [Nadis-energy channels]

Four limbs

3 eyes

2 heads, 2 hearts

1 Soul & that contains The Gold,

Obtain it then Remember your Role,

in the Circle of Life.. you the Seed that Grows,

turning into a Flower.. encircling its own growth,

Becoming.. more Conscious

Molded to a tree.. branching out to learn how all is an extension of me,

Mastering my Platonic Relationship with The Universe shaped me..

Reflecting on how the inside is an insightful replica of what always is & manifested externally..

in order to be Alive, you only need to BE.

& I swear that that is Life

Open to Flow to receive the lesson at hand

Open to Flow to receive the lesson at hand

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  1. Thank you so much! = ], I appreciate it so much b/c I’ve been fighting myself to express. Thank you for the Love, it truly keeps me going! Namaste

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