I wanna BE.. [Solar Plexus]



I wanna Be.. the ENERGY that SURGES through yo body that enters through yo feet & exits yo Crown,

I wanna Be.. The Current.. ELEVATED level of conscious CONNECTEDNESS you experiencing right NOW,

I wanna Be.. The FEELING that RESTORES the deterioration in your aura and creates a smile from a frown.


I wanna Be.. The ENHANCEMENT of your PERCEPTION so that to be deceived is a conception that has seized due to internal correction,

I wanna Be.. The perfect REASON you REALIZE you are Infinitely Beautiful due to every imperfection.


I wanna Be.. The ENTITY SHIFTING.. dimensions, indenting, meaning going in.. to space..

to bring knowledge from a place.. where once visited.. the memory will never fade but it’ll be hard to mention,

I wanna Be.. The INTANGIBLE that you can GRASP, but words don’t do justice & can’t aid in the description,

I wanna Be.. The STORY that you tell of how you found yourself, but is too vivid for those who are still sleep.. so it’s seen as fiction,

I wanna Be.. The ALCHEMIST that showed you matter is malleable, & to change reality is not just a fallacy.. or a kid’s dream but the realest story of non-fiction.


I wanna Be.. The POETRY that’s got you hooked to every line dropped, tethered to my heart.. beating with every word hoping that when this Flow stop, yo heart still throb,

I wanna Be.. The Awakening, emerging out your body pulling you from the most sleep state of this dream giving you every Memory of what we Forgot,

I wanna Be.. The RETURN of yourself to your-Self.. Existence of Love, all Resistance dissolved!


I wanna Be.. The MOMENT you come into connection with your Higher Self & Understand why I wrote this, when you find Purpose.. your Gold in your Pyramids & the Holy Grail within your Heart causing an Enlightening eruption!

I wanna Be.. You

& I wanna Be Me

I wanna Be Everything.. so I seek for Source within me

I just want you to Realize we are already One & then you’ll see I AM.. already

Everything.. I wanna Be.


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