Communication (Through The Heart)


(Heart & Throat Chakra)

Hungry for intimate conversations,

so in this society you see how it’s easy to face starvation,

but higher-ups pushing the idea of gluttonous persuasions,

(it’s why we) Fukin’ up in communication,

Philosophy showin’ me how people stuck in Idle Chatter.. not addressing they Elation,

but undressing cuz the lust for a bust – ain’t never learned Appreciation or Patience, Now they heart is vacant..

looking for occupation..

& they gonna choose the one that works em like a slave until the day that they just hate em.

False Communication; that ain’t Love.

Raise em, praise em, let it be in what it be.. no calculative thought or judgmental appraisals,

Teach em how to brush it off lightly.. like your barber when he fade you,

or how you’re One w/ Mother Moon even when blocked or eclipsed from one another.. can’t evade you,

& even when the pain don’t make cents – it’s how we change.. it’s a phase.. don’t let it phase you,

we all Flow-er Children.. Feel SourceFlow yo whole Lotus Open,

now that yo Consciousness is facilitating Focus,

Kundalini energy rising from it’s dormant..


now you got yo Heart tethered to mine & we fishing,

for the Flow of Waves and The Light that just glistens..

with the Shine of ten thousands Suns.. only explained by Mystical traditions,

please peep what I’m cookin’ in the Magical Kitchen,

hella sizzling,

Heart mantra deeply ingrained & all I feel is the vibration of love piercing my skin to cut through every cell with the deepest incision,

& if my heart sang you this song it’d pierce through yo Soul with the same degree of precision,

& Now we both have a decision…

Coming from a third person view from my 3rd eye view.. panoramic-looking at yo fronts while staring at the back of you..

I’m not sure if you ready for the full vision,

telling from yo traits and words that lack weight,

& The Track of Fear that’s got you off the path like a derailed freight..

You don’t know if you ready to carry that weight because you don’t want to throw away yo old bogus lifestyle..

out of fear of Living a new Dream.. reaching towards lucidity,

you don’t want to yet Awake,

eventually it’ll happen.. it’s alright, keep Sleeping.


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