Eye of Truth [Third Eye]

Eye of Truth (Anja – 3rd Eye Chakra)

Yesterday everything had eyes and was lookin at me,

The Trees.. said you Grounded,

The Grass said.. you Stand Tall,

The Night said.. you Shine Bright,

The Moon said.. you full of Light,

Heart said you See It.. right,

I said correct.. Took another step.. and today everything was looking at me.. internally,

The Root Opened up & said it’s yo turn to be,

The Sacral said you primal.. helped me tap into my inner beast,

The Solar Opened Up.. showed me a Pool of Infinite Energy,

(I) Eye.. in my Heart showing me I.. AM…in the Heart,

Throat Vortexed open.. Expressing what can’t be spoken..

showing me I see that Truth.. lies within me,

no lies or deceit can stop the Kundalini from hittin’ it’s peak..

So reachin’ my Pineal.. climbin’ till,

the last Lotus opens up.. my Higher-Self is pouring cups..

of Divine Wisdom I’m drinkin.. up,

drunk off being leveled headed while leaning in Heaven,

all Chakras on full rotation got me leveled up,

sayin’ shit that only the highest Saiyans could be speakin’ of,

spillin’ the beans.. the sensei said I could sensu (sense you),

I know they think you out there.. but I can feel what you been into.

By knowing my Self, I can tell you found thy Self.

That’s God



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