Reflective-Connection [Crown]

Reflective-Connection (Crown Chakra)


Somehow.. everytime I look at you.. I see my reflection,

Look in-too my Eye.. see the you-in-the-verse.. every Eternal-Moment.. striving for Perfection,

it’s an inwards arms reach so we always make it work out when we stretch to reach internally..

find Source.. and Remember all our past life connections,

I learned with you as a kid.. made mistakes.. but we always learned the lessons,

now we back again..

with Truth in hand & I read this to you as my Loving Confession:

skin on my body bubbles & shifts.. cuz you touch my flesh then..

my Energy raises to a new Vibratory-State like plate tectonics when..

Earth starts to quake like my cells fulfilled with all your Loving.

I look at you & Feel how you Feel when you Feeling me,

Remember seeing you the first few times tryna conceal unexplained emotions but now you’re revealing me..

while I am unveiling thee,

finding out who you are is discovering me,

it’s takes two & a real couple doesn’t use their two eyes but their 3rd to see. Look,

this Perspective is higher than any Learning the Mountain did at it’s peak.. prestigious university.. the real empire is in the Higher Dimension of Love & you & I Rome Home Astrally,

you felt my energy was extra & somewhat terrestrially..

a Higher Frequency.. Being.. yearning to Progressively..

Synch our Energy & Merge our Dreams so Synchronistically..

we Became One as the Great Spirit & died together Natively..

found Life after Death by Incarnating into this modern century..

& finally found eachother in a “random” fashion or what non-believers call coincidentally.

Never have I sought space from you & have so much to write when I start new paragraphs..

it also reminds me of how you be indenting me,

since you stay going in,

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist it.. your Love makes me persistent.. & sends this surge that opens my heart & keeps it consistent,

gold doesn’t touch the worth of your kiss & it’s ironic cuz you are.. an Alchemist..

performing a Beautiful Transmutation..

reshaping the id I once knew to be me.. as well as the instinctual concept we learn about by entering the V.o.i.d,

taking eachother to our Sacred Heart Space where Source shines & shows I AM you & you – me.

That’s L.O.V.E

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