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Tree of Life
















Poetry of Life


Pushin me up a tree..

it’s Life.

Phonetic pharoah, [it’s] funny I’m never facetious,

Phoenician vividly vivacious,

my Word is God..bringing vibration to the world…even in this text..sounds lik you re-creating yo own book of revelations,

don’t Preach just Teach, don’t withdraw just Reach, don’t just go in..I Breach,

with a penetration only known as Bliss or Elation…to the point.. My Manifestation is Written & could be seen coming to life where the paper touches the tip of the pin,

cutting through while imbuing light…pen is a saber saving me from the dark side,

but showin the force is the factor for me facing my Fear.

Every demon I’ve ever sheltered, gets put out right here,

met the Light & heard it was God saying like it’s all Love, you’re Being is right here.

I was puzzled, now its no need to be,

Thank You for the Rhythm..the Motion of Life is now Poetic & Reincarnated me



 asked me what I’m into,

smashing shackles by slamming poetry

to Free the people

“you can’t get paper with that profession”..

a confined cycle.. I’m not surprised they professing,

I said don’t do that Lohrd,

to teach em not to enslave my expression..


the vertical rod tied into the ground.. call it Yesod..

Kabbalah inside.. connect to the Kingdom

the feminine God.. I call Gaia..

always grateful for appreciation

(she) selfless..

spinning me around to evolve.. piously her rebirthed rotation imitating perfection..

so I bleed for her during her heaviest menstruation,

cuz she.. readily there for me when i lack a fluid preparation,

that’s a.. loving foundation..that’s grounding me

father sky.. shoot a star,

my soul.. start comet-ing [commenting],

heating up from dialogue..

“cool.. cool it.. dont be bothered by what they don’t see”

I lost my place in the talk cuz anger & confusion bewildered me

I’m misunderstood cuz you stand for a limited language not including words for what’s indescriptively..


I feel free.. like my inner child is.. guiding me through a Trinity, Master then mesh with The Matrix to transcend its old apex,

the pressure is a refinery not new to neo..

but i got to be.. thankful..

God employed the situation to work for me as an undeniable deal.

The tube I traveled through, was You & Spoke


I knew from then it was Written

Whole-time was aiming at the only one direction

to steer you into me & your inextricably Divine-Connection

not preaching like you think it,

bring your Heart.. I Hear it beating

need no church.. we here.. no sleep-inn

you got it made.. but (so) don’t seek service,

mindfully-trapped in a comfortable room..

if you committed you’d see your window show you nervous,

layered by bricks your anxiousness surging


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