The Morning Shine – Book of Life intro




The Morning Shine (The Son)

This morning my Ego.. said leh go & tried to make me live without Source

I felt divorced.. from Light-Life. wanted to die,

Already did.. already Dead.. & every second The Dark gaining its edge.. Infinite

I’m an infant, on the lip of the ledge,

Infinitesimally spiraling smaller like Fibonacci sliding into me..

[dark] gets bigger the more I’m baffled of what I’m becoming because I’m getting into what’s always been into me.. my own/only enemy,

I knew the equation for light so I knew the formula of how to be positive about energy to refine the search when my engine refuted referencing responsibility,

but logic has yet to link-or-log a techne/a skill to make a method to measure the dark matter not previously Seen, alluded to in this scene,

.. it’s locked from uncreative-logic.. lock your lips.. kiss yo Soul .. unroll the Scroll.. the Word provides you… I was a scribe in the past life, my old self tapping into me Now talking like “let me advice me you”..

also I hope you Remember what I’m talking about, if so all your Issues bout to be resolved..ooh

aint I resourceful & you glad its SOURCE you finally Subscribed to..

now you Know The Script & Role.. this is KEY to See what’s Hidden.. unless you open your Heart.. you won’t know Gold.

My Techne/is The Skill, a daily practice to precisely present what’s Real

Most don’t know how that feel.

I remember when I slipped up.. fell hit my head.. lights out.. woke up more conscious den I ever did..

whoever dropped that book of knowledge from the sky a square,

spoken before aware.. they were two steps above & ahead of me.. exponentially greater giving me insight that equated to it being e mc that I’m Kin to.. come from..

mathematical musician.. to solve.. I follow as the problem (is) an inverse understanding of the Lesson, Latent Solutions – Blessing.. Me

I’m hooked on every line & I knew em like they were essentially.. Me

but haven’t started reading it yet, it seems divinely absolute.. astonishing that

matter fact I can present the meaning.. it’s a gift I already read it a million times front to back,

you wouldn’t Believe me since the writing resembled artifacts,

The Light within the Letters Led me up this (The) Ladder.. of JOY,

Radiant rhetoric rearranging my existence.. Force foreshadowing Union with my Crown.. knew from forever working on persistence & optimally open due to diligence

I received a letter.. from the most Clever.. Clairvoyant that I just first Consciously-Met,

how ever-enduring & direct, always-present & potential crystallizes my cells in Remembering the One.. First time we met.

This feels too right, while warm like Home..

“like everytime before & to come my child when you left you Forget”

[Heart] I’m no longer confused cause hearing that caused me to feel like we were right back in the space where I first

“you.. Sea.. as deep as the Visions of your Roots, unifies sky & sea to soar deeper within you”

“to connect.. is a search.. to seek the Seer who always evolves into a greater Truth.. in retrospect it’s the Unitary You”

I Learn only when I Love & Uplifting Life is only to get Leveled with you.

“I Love you hear more than anyone would ever expect you to”

To expect is to limit & to limit.. bounds Truth.. which dissolves any barrier & returns its Flow to you

“Clarity is only captured in the Humble eye you usually hold,

grasp tight.. Live Free & heed the Signs as a note needed to be known..

“what can’t be captured” is Lost Linguistically but Rhythmically flowing.. Sine-ing as Life is my Word creating the frequent waves.. rippling you to BE the Living Poem“

This morning I woke up & silence within spoke up, checking how I’m feeling

Heart spilling.. Love.. Surging, Singing, I’m Speechless but Believing

Lucid.. not Dreaming, Becoming by Breathing, In-Between all the Seams(an)

Flowers now bursting, birds chatter through chirping, deceased skin dissolved from rebirthing,

air crisply Still while somehow calling, wind unwinding twisted ways I developed but my Soul knotting (not in),

energy I developed doesn’t dissipate.. takes years to cultivate.. & lifetimes to transcend, in that order to internalize what it means to Elate.

as I wait & wait.. I felt alone for I heard no Word to go on

I felt somethin’ allude to the fact.. after this long, I still wasn’t getting the point of each song

“Creation is my Living Expression. You shine to bring light & leave brighter impressions.

Master what you teach, mysteriously Inquire as students whom eternally breach,

for passionately pushing your Soul to Strive,

you are granted a guided intro into the Book of Life”

Lord, it took too long for me to Love & see we had to talk to know this was right.. I was just anticipating the letter you always intended for me to write. Thank you Love



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