What’s Love (?)




What’s Love (?)

The Sun shining, my Energy climbin

Living within the Heart space & blown.. because God the Ultimate Alchemist I was looking for..

& Truth said to me that it is Self & Love of it ..that I was finding,

Enlightenment, Nirvana, Perfection-state, is where I was residing,

excavated Purpose & thought mine was to Give my Gift..

so in the Present I would stop mining,

it was the exact opposite, dig it?.

like Avatar Korra… saw Spirit..

Stepped in.. now embody it..

My real body more than 60 ft tall.. somehow encased in this small skin…but when I tap in,

my passion burning to the point.. the exterior falls off,

now you only view what’s within,

& Lauryn helped me get over a hill when she wrote to me saying “how ima write or be right if I ain’t write within”,

“That Thing” she was talking bout was lust we learned over Love…

the greatest Miseducation.. of her.. of me.. of us…we Love-ly,

& it’s actually unlawful how much we’ve been drowned in saturated deceit.

I’m Free,

I don’t have to be anything or something specific..

because I already am.. Everything,

& from day 1 I was One with it,

never split.. the atoms all shift the same with it,

I’m my Higher-Self especially when giving the Knowledge…

that you could never pay for.. full-time enrollment in Life’s spiritual college,

collegically I’m at the top of my class.. secretly.. in a society..

where.. less than 5% of me not currently conscious,

I wanted to say zero but keeping it 100 I know it’s parts I haven’t began to see,

twisting inside like Oliver before he began to eat,

I’m hungry…

On an Odyssey more complex than Oedipus when he wanted to fuk with his mom see,

compartments I’m opening.. from the depths of me,

these Poems my real wardrobe,

spiritual war hero.. no fantasy,

Riddick-uled for chronicling the cycles my Spirit Animals make me ripen through..

Naturally feel Narnian since my closed eye was the closet I didn’t wanna peak into,

but saw it & stopped avoiding the void where consciousness is All & ego concedes all is you,

soon as you take the leap of faith you’ll see many have seen the Phenomenal-Truth.. Love-Namaste



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  1. You have a very special gift.

  2. Thank you so much! =D That means the most to me and is so inspirational; it helps me keep going! Thank you for the Love! Namaste

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