They Ready (?)


I was always lookin for they permission,

growin up bout to split like nuclear fission,

so I ain’t wit da boy.. I’m ATOM,

Man.. I’m Adam,

trillions of atoms making up you & me.. & the rest of reality for that matter,

& it’s hidden spaces that you can’t see wit two eyes.. for that matter,

you need a third one that’s decalcified,

so you can know you limitless..

even when half assin or gettin reduced to a smaller portion of yo self like fraction,

I’m giving you the recipe so you can Remember who you be,

contact yo destiny,

Remember yo relation to me,

we kin.. folks going back to the days of no gang affiliation..

the time where no color representation.. show us our destination.. only the Light.. showing us we Light,

yo Ego scared cuz I’m writing a Death Note but the Eternal Soul know I’m giving you life,

they say I’m too animated,

Yagami said but wait.. that man right (write)

Self-Liberation/Realization through Birth-Vision

Self-Liberation/Realization through Birth-Vision

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