Darkness Falls

Darkness falls


I’m in this seat where.. I’m drowned in dark despair,

voice box broken, expression unspoken,

to tackle the situation.. I’m getting sharper digging deeper.. than cleats to..

I’m running through grass.. token-lurking.. to continue my turn.. I dropped a gold coin in the slot cuz for this I’ve yearned..

IT’S [my] TIME..

I want in ex-change,

as I’ve spent my Existence in Resistance,

of something I’ve seen on a screen pitch black, & Fear of the unknown.. movie, or character behind the mask… I scream(ed)

didn’t know I was playing the role..

more like a puppet with no control..

Soul said you a lie.. nose grow until its-a-pole (supposed).. to end,

probably need to Embody something more Bold that you Believe.. is You.. like Truth,

long list of lies, unravel, unpacking,

taking you along yo Path let’s (less) travel (ed),

present more than six senses since I visited the Astral,

Annihilated Darkness from jump.. to Rise its a battle,

but ha

Lord my Savior, He’ll Save ya.. Saber the Shackles,

Shooting Stars.. Sending Signals,

my com(m)e(n)ts.. a rock y(e)a (?),

Rhetoric unlock years.. of Programming,

demanding you fit in..

not be top of the crop..

& seen for becoming Outstanding,

what’s fueling me is the fossils I’m finding from my Ancestry

Rooted in the Past.. seeing Lives pop up in the branches of The Tree..

all different faces.. somehow similar Resembling me

feeling stupid that the Synchronistic Symbolism never struck me..

gone (gong). all that Darkness fail(ed), when I Uplifted it Raised its Veil. Well. I’m still going deeper.


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