Don’t be.. [fearful]

Lover of Nature -Emerson

Don’t be [Fearful] (you’re so close)

To say I’m worried of not making it..

would make it an understatement,

under my statements

& mistakes is something that’s Sacred,

(only) comport(s) towards Purpose,

Sumofallthings important,

additionally.. crossed over when adding Christ to my life equation, see..

for One – (he) so anointed,

asked how I joined em, his Spirit showed me from where it all streams,

(I) asked where are we goin to..

opened my Heart which aims at a Beam..

opens at every Seam,

Lotus.. that Knows no limits..

Blooming by any means,

But X’ed out by too many men,

Malcolm showed me what being in (em)power(ed) meant,

professor Xavier exhibit control.. mind power painting me convinced,

to Become whom I’m meant & I need to be.. must recollect my innocents (inner sense)


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