Dumb/slash/real nigga rhetoric

I’m in a city where racism so prevalent, I’m not even prevalent,

So the shit that I drop.. They call it dumb nigga rhetoric,

despite it wreck ya shit, like vibrations kickin in ya ass – mess ya whole rectum up type of shit,

Despite the fact I’m talking bout the Ancient Sacred Geometry of the Matter & symbols so Kemetic..

That my iPhone don’t recognize it.. and like the public.. sees it as an Illuminatee type reference,

Well I’m illuminated.. so I’m seeing through the fakeness.. or the veil over the matrix,

When I-phone Home.. it gets prophetic & never tainted..

Cuz I’m back in the place or the first space.. Of Creation.. with the Ultimate Embodiment of the Highest Vibration.. that leads me to my Heart’s Gold/slash/Elation.

Let me loop this around u full circle.. before yall get loose though.. like a noose misused.. back in the day of America when I would’ve been caught hung up on my last ideas about you.. for whistling at the women who don’t look the same color as me and you!, like emit.. wait, Till,

I’m on some shit.. Knowledge always seems like I’m off the shits,

but I’m in-tune with The Creator so I’m also the cowboy of my own trip..

just like Tyler – so I can’t be timid,

Fear out the window.. when I hit the block like the Smith,

The reason I said the slash before my Elation is cuz when you got that chain around yo neck and that whip that is the latest, it’s yo soul & yo Gold.. God’s vibration in enslavement.

Free yoself by Knowing thyself, and realizing I AM is God’s Love/representation of True self


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