Pushing IT since Pulled in [Toroidal]


Pushing IT since Pulled in (toroidial)

Ever been a part of this perfectly centered position,

Embodied only through recession of resistance,

I feel like I’m at the end of the rope..

but the feeling it brings reminds me of a life-long joyous repetition,

galactic grasp of life reaches down your throat..

pulls from inside heart out..

while life pours in its purified flow,

You glow!,

With rays only Divinely Sanctioned,

Thinking is Thanking or daunkin like balling too easy to do – in German it means practiced Appreciation,

Only fuked with by few,

They’ve yet to see the Indigenous in my blood & red in my eyes as I’m Ishvalan,

Etymology.. bringing me back to My Calling.. back to the Roots,

where all stemmed from.. in terms – of words.. each is a cell where millions of meanings are inside & unveil,

how God moves & we multiply cuz compelled,

All to define you.. no lie,

Will be the easiest & most difficult task which you don’t need to try,

You already in it!.. So don’t close your Soul, yo open Heart, Yo Mastered Mind or its Eternal Eye


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