Sea Love


See(a) Love

Difficult.. to be a Mystic,

when you speak & most just miss it,

Creating tales that’s always cryptic,

Sometimes too D-fence-ive bout it.. so they (& even I) don’t Pickett,

Decoding (Dakota) signs just so they get it,

Fanning off from so many critiques,

Cream of the crop.. could never forget it..

Force-us in factions I never was wit it,

Dauntless as fuk..asleep never been it..

Divergence is life – my dream I am living,

could see from the start.. I had a new Vision,

smelt what I saw.. & induced in the kitchen,

Diction is dirty.. like overdue dishes,

Spell-ing so clean.. Manifesting my wishes,

worries are washing away cuz he watch me.. Taught me.. Presently.. Teach me.. Heavenly,

Recipes, tellin me, Alchemy, how to Be, far more advanced than any game boy..

you need some Color & Stop the Self-Loathing,

I got ya..

I Love You..

Here’s my strongest potion.

This Ocean.. See(a) (only)



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