Speechless (Dark Chi)

Speechless/Dark chi



can’t Speak..

on what can’t be spoken..

so when my mouth opens, no sound penetrating,

proposes my heart is broken,

because my exciting expression suffers severe suppression,

“saying” if your self-esteem don’t rise..

the passion fueling the present may die,

& you won’t experience the gift of the Now so in the Eternal moment you’re more dead than alive.

I be actin like i don’t know Dark,

like Fear don’t follow.. wait till my Chi low, make me feel sorrow, wish for tomorrow.. cuz this current hole in my heart,

I’m hurting.. while Healing,

raise the bar when my heels in..the position to gain leverage,

but loss left footing.. he slipping.. unfortunately,

& the limbo level didn’t look foreign to me..

so to those who like “what the hell”.. it’s a knockoff heaven that’s dreary & deadbeat,

when I hit the gravel,

it was remote view.. I Channeled into.. that Tuned my body for Astral-Travel,

then my Drive made me Shift..

the lower gears of those planes looked like death,

& this was all before I hit the ground & was able to take a Breath,

it seams.. in-between The Cycle is the only way to see Life tho..

I’m standing on grounds where most Rarely Breed what’s Special


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