Suppressed Expression

Suppressed Expression


My first conscious decision.. was use of suppression,

cuz all this society has taught as far as I learned is oppression,

that’s why the homies use expressions..

Like I’m pressed And..

WHY Question,

the fuk is a WHO,

don’t Care about WHEN,

HOW am I supposed to Create.. out of a frequency of hate –

like WHAT the fuk am I supposed to be Manifesting,

& Ima keep fukin up and around until I know WHERE the land is..

that I’m Destined..

To reach but don’t preach,

Cuz that’s when sinners stop the listenin,

My Purpose had me show up.. I’m usually thinking about dippin..

Before I even get there.. disappointment my worst Fear..

always think it’s cuz the crowd but I’m my worst critic here..

I know a couple took that dear-ly.. but that’s just cuz I’m writing to you,

got you stuck in my high-eye headlight.. I hope you make a quick move,

Change is the only constant..

Slowly stay stagnant to not improve


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