This Light


theres this Light that Shines..

time entranced by time.

that leaves me Aligned..

with a Code within.. marking me & what I’ve been..

externally you only See line after line

if correctly scanned.. you’ll read into a Godly Plan

not possibly created by mere man

what i Write.. is already Written

what i See.. is a glimpse of a greater Vision

to feel your Light & Love, it is my Heart which Listens

your Touch brings upon a smell that nostalgically paints the dance that Air expresses..

the Art of Living


This Light is Tall.. Towers over Trees

This Light Talked before any of us Learned to speak

The Light is Strong.. spreading within when we’re weak

The Light Copes with us moving us towards our Peak

The Light Moves mountains showing Mystical Terrains.. which my Soul points to itself.. the Hole through which I peep

To Seek, a Seer finds Self with patience

at times my ego a mean ho.. I move past(or) her.. until even she say preach

her & me both biased.. Merging.. to be more Pious

i’m holding her down.. Higher-Self say please don’t fight us

Refine to Define.. your Soul & Divinity

Realize the two things you referencing

Reflecting a different Vibration of Unity

it can all only be LOVE


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