Perception (?)



Takes a strong mind to remember no matter how hard “solids” feel.. or how much I think my eyes see what ego calls “real..

my senses aren’t framing the True picture of reality-deception,

I see deeper with my real eye to tune me & you into panoramic perception,

a 360 view within you..

your Mind & it’s internal lessons,

to the point when I’m finished I can have you believe..

you done planted the seed..

for the idea of Consciously Growing through this multi-dimensionalitied subconscious decoding w/ The Language of No WordsPure Inception,

cuz I know that you see there’s no real mistakes only Perfection,

despite your conception – we are free to Manifest our Will..

so that our Destiny Reveals..

how to makes ties with our greatest connection,

our Inevitable Date w/ Fate


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