Birth Vision




If u just STOP..

& Listen,

you’ll get a Vision..

of something that’s been known since The Beginning,

The Thing you couldn’t sum up even if you added all the pieces


I get in this zone of creation,

where.. my imagination,

Knows.. no bounds or limitations,

exceeding every expectation,

expediting equations,

approaching all absolute values… vehemently driving,

wit cut brakes remotely.. now buzzing,

like woody.. in a light year,

with a rocket on his back,

I’m toying w/ this story,

please tell me if I bore thee,

pigging out… don’t even eat pork.. going ham,

seen friends lose the “r” (Are)..

cuz they don’t even fiend for who they Are,

everyone wanna test the other but can’t pass they own Life-exam,

all I hear is what they wanna be.. excluding GOD..

cuz I haven’t heard One of em yet say..

I Am


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