How You Perceive Is How You Receive



I done seen Life in more than a billion type of ways,

done seen myself as a million tidal waves.. all Flowing into one ocean,


with a warm feeling moving to the Flow of Gaia while I’m in her womb..

& my Heart is pouring.. leaking,

the opposite of speechless, singing,

no more can it be caged.. it’s Free,

walking on The Path of Light that my Higher Self done lit for me,

While I’m paving deep layers of this Ancient & rudimentary Knowledge.

…well polished, but that’s how I Perceive IT,

you could say I’m on point & don’t really mean it,

but I’m the needle in the stack.. haymaker lines overpunching the point..

felt in the gut.. got u like me snap-ping..

double-timing like throwing yo hands up like ya food cuz you bulimic,

vibe through the language of no words..

so no words can describe what he’s piecing..

together…it’s not about these words no more you feel me?,

its about the Energy we share being parasitic or Healing, conceal Truth or Revealing,

Standing or kneeling..

never to no man,

more than mere man..

only way you could possibly be puzzled is because what I understand..

you still readily rebuttal


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