I Write [Root]



Intro – Root

I Write.. Because it’s an Expression of the Divine,

which is my Soul.. & leads me down The Path or road..

that I’m Destined for,

as I watch with my Higher Eye it unfolds..

from The Beginning of Source’s Creation to the days I have yet to behold,

I crawl down this small hole..

darkest type of crevice or space..

where my fears can manifest strongest but don’t have a place,

cuz I faced the fact I was staring myself & ultimately God in the face.

I thought I knew perfection..

but it was first an intellectual conception,

then when I met God I understood it was a Vibrational-Sensation,

so like The Alchemist I peeped The Code & within it found my Elation,

Nirvanic state of mind only comes through being patient,

so now I’m completely Source’s patient..

opening my body to God-flow energy..

so I can do.. what I sent myself here to do,

understand my part in co-creation therefore constructing my highest dream of manifestation,

find Freedom through Writing..

& Divine (define) Flow-in like Poseidon,

a Priceless Prize.

surely sucks you slacked..

and that that’s the only reason this is surprising!


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