In ALL Seriousness



I’m not being facetious,

face it.. I

& they Knew..

I was spitting Truth when I said therefore I know it’s you looking for you,

I literally experienced being a literary substance..

in a library where I was reading and Love was the only subject,

then I Knew I was Free!


Definitely defecating.. if I hit the bottom of this endless pit or void..

bet I project before my body get destroyed,

then came to New Life when I heard Source Word,

there’s no better space to Be or create than living here…

Whispered “you’re Home”,


Toroidial paradoxically making me sicker while detoxing me..


I was falling into a pit a of Fear..

Force to Surrender.. my-Self.. like “you the only Force to Save you”..

(you) Here (hear?)..

Inner-child’s Radiant Heart reared.

I’m back to who I need to BE.. The Killing Joke IS.. I Always been Here.


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