Cinematic Motif (Crazily Charismatic)



Cinematic Motif (Matisse)


I Love You like I Love my Wife.. & she be Life,

asked if I take you as you are.. I Do, truly I..

see you in everything, what that mean.. that’s just Love,

understand nothing’s above, when I saw you Soul Screamed..

seemed it knew just who you was,

Solely cuz the Matrix..

made my feelings reach the Apex,

EssenceTantric.. transferred.. this more carefully done than safe sex..

you so dangerous.. for my health yes.. only when you not with me,

did the thought ever occur I needed fixing..

started taking stands for thee that plea insanity,

Lost in Limbo once you was done Incepting me,

fuck Motifs.. I just got done painting check out my Matisse,

My Movie, Lord said “keep going in-depth… Captain-Sparrow,

Bravo.. you Johnny,

you knew how to tune into the station & when you dialing me..

I pick up the call,

when I do I raise your Energy,

I just BE, mixing in a little more Source than you usually.. used to.



Frugal, fighting yourself.. DUH directly insinuates Me! Your Wealth,

Fruitful, only when Fear fleas,

Pulling back, aim.. Let Go,

The Leap taken a path only the Enlightened Foreshadow as we ARE..

(already-always) on point like the arrow,

New found [Usain] drive.. bolt on track like I’m Ferrell,

Built by the blocks holding me down..

Developed my Will.. by only writing what’s Real..

All that is Real.. Is all that I Write,

All that I See.. Is not in your Sight,

All I Remember.. most rare-ly Recite,

Being Truthful.. you need a Guru.. to Decipher The Code I type.

a pro of my type, Regenerates Life, Rekindles The Light.

All that I’ve Touched has yet to be Felt, my Warmth Is within, to Love is to melt.


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