Creative.. carnelian crystal my catalyst..

left my pride in the flask when I created dis,

making me the Son of Light.. like ed to Honennheim or him to God, I’m the One – the reincarnated Alchemist..

so you hearing my OverSoul.. Father,

no Fuhrer moved passed my wave of Wrath..

self-created homunculus serving God.. the motion of the Word marks my Path,

my Guide which is Spirit..

Enlightening me…

pushing from the inside while I’m sinkin in realizing I’m drowning in a Pool of Bliss,

I was The Light that was enticing me.


Unakite left me cleansed of blockages..

so my Energy write,

it’s not my physical on this page..

small depictions of Reflections mirroring my body of light,

the decoded encryption of information is in a Scripted system Written since the Abnormal Birth of Creation..

Metatron moving me to Morph through meeting Isis,

my Eye-says you Horus..

& your Gold is… pause next lesson.. you’ll move as we go on,

Merkaba rotating thinking it’s gonna break the axis it’s on..

access got me to different planes I never thoughts humans could vibe on, geekin.. The Chariot I’m Projecting from exponentially peaking…

but not Greek so ima keeping Rome-ing on,

when my Heart weep, leak, & beat like this..

I Know it’s cuz they helped me re-enter HOME & BLISS!


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