Enlightened Friend (The Sun)



Enlightened Friend

The Sun

..my best friend, better yet

Soul Brother.. always focused on embodying a brighter lens,

never pretentious..  & exposes the one you want to be..

that doesn’t pretend.. but always hidden,

like your inner eye..

benevolent aura & always bout Christ.. – Consciousness.. shines,

my cypher a Halo.. no game when I snipe..

range like a rover.. red.. Cross on my side,

cuz healing my job…employed full-time,

see(a) infinitely..shore (sure) no bounds to my sight..

darkness drowns [us] when bitching & blind..

more dark than a knight..

that killed in crusades.. claimed Love for Christ..

he pray.. not be a victim.. of his projected self-hatred,

thought his destiny was to manifest.. even through death..

decisions he didn’t make.. made him,

not yet.. Wise.. so he ask why,

Universal-Paradox Self-Love Is All & shows why,

it was a parable of how Truth has Will & through it makes way to.. always rise,

we just gotta up our pacing,

what’s fake just lies.. where it’s at,

Truth is Vibration.. never be stagnate..

side stepping.. a couple degrees,

full circle rearranging myself in the brackets,

infused in the system of matrices please, reprogram.. I love you see,

pull up the blinds.. yo pain just be..

pulling me into your waters.. we animalistic.. instinctually..

you analyze our difference den be seal-ing me..

Ima shark you fear cuz forcefully.. you see el Fin coming soon & on my back it be.. riding (writing) the Waves that I Frequently.. repeat..



The Light which you call at the end of the tunnel is you & me.


we The Light, as always..

I thank my Soul Brother for Enlightening me on what to write.


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