Hobby Lobby



Hobby Lobby


See.. Connection for me is like a Hobby..

I’m shopping for the True You while talking religion up in a lobby,

Painting this picture descriptive.. materials obvi..

ously not even a topic for you & me.. cuz we always keep it 100..

neva succumbing.. to societal tendency,

See.. you massaging my Soul tenderly..

telling how to Enter Whole-Heartedly into Intimacy,

I wonder about your land.. the Divine Feminine.. that governs it

& sometimes wish I could be Mayer but know man..

at times feel Entitled & in-Deed.. treats the feminine nature as Property,

to Propose to as Collateral to Consistently Command,

not to be Conscious but Dogmas..

not to be Independent but want us..

not to marry but wanna.. just brag about a woman he bagged that’s bad,

it’s no reward for that homie.. yo Trophy..

has no Value to The One who’s supposed to Value it..

mostly.. this for yo Ego.

Please leggo..

& all that BLOCK-in’ you will SHAPE UP allowing us to CONNECT Soul-ey.


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