Thanks Giving


All this thanks that I’m giving..

Is [over] flowing like a river in which I’m swimming,




His Grace grants me gratitude,

An attitude above all altitudes,

Feeding the inner me through this soulful food,

Ooooh.. I’m just getting started,

U unconsciously got me tapping into you.. while sitting on ya ass.. no butts bout it.. you dialed it

But [paradoxically] I called it.. correctly..

My answer you manifested

I feel like I’m directly..

Being channeled.

If I took a self-ie:

it would only show – me.. a divine aura brighter than the most radiant enamel..

Demonstration how to trek through the darkest times.. carrying me but I’m on your back & you helping me get over the hump-like terrain.. my spirited camel

Showing me how you reload me with ammo, & never blanks,

words containing messages tryna protect us & heavier than titanium tanks


To think, comes from to thank

And to think I haven’t been as thankful for you as I thought..

Shows I wasn’t thinking:


Seeing if my eyes were always focused,

but couldn’t tell for sure cuz of the continuous blinking.

Felt my open pores not feel adored.. so they started shrinking

Knowing where I’m headed.. but not if I have enough gas to get where it’ll lead me.. I feel unguided & unleaded,

Get it?

I’m feeling – the absence of,

Just as potent as the presence that I’m speaking of.. Live above, and around,

& fulfills us with youth, as blissful kings just becoming aware of their porous Crown


Youth.. The Time is NOW

When are you thinking, if ever? NOW

When you’re thankful, if ever, when is it? NOW

If I had to ask you when will you reclaim your birthrights young kings and queens.. Would you have a better/more real time than NOW.

Just be grateful for all you have been given..

& watch how in the NOW.. it is the only time you could begin to start Living.


Life-Love-Blessings all of the above. Namaste

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