A True Alchemist


A True Alchemist Embodies & Utilizes “The Recipe” – The Language of No Words in everything they do. They understand Life is the Art, there is an art to everything: the art of living, the art of painting, the art of songwriting. Everything is creation and therefore an expression/art! A true alchemist understands that the Universe is Alive, Remembering they are the Universe as well and they internalize that it’s a communication between Self! An alchemist can only transmute things into Gold through Love – the Secret recipe. Get Inspired, through finding your passion/what you Love to do and it will Never fail you, I Promise! This is how you begin your adventure into Lucidity and bringing your Dreams into Alignment with what we only see as the physical “real” reality, but in the more grand scheme it is structured by something much more Primordial and Unified; when we get in tact with this loving “structure” or Essence, we start co-creating with it, and this allows us to succeed in whatever we do as long as it is true to our Heart’s! This is The Miracle! Love is the true transmutation recipe to bring about whatever you truly desire in your Heart. When you now view the World, speak from your Heart & be Conscious that when you are silent it is singing louder than we could have ever believed; we have been walking to the tune of the song the whole time and it will only guide us back to the ringing bells of our Heavenly Home. Follow your Heart and Realize.. this reality is yours for the manifesting; change it to live the life you have always dreamed of and stop making excuses of why it can’t be, or you WILL (bring it into existence!!!) be in the same stagnant position., fulfilled with fear.

It is your time NOW, you Know it to be True and it is the Synchronicity that brought you here to instill the Belief you’ve always longed for; Carpe Diem – cease your time or leave it. Love & Blessings =]


Achieve what you Believe

Achieve what you Believe


 Belief – John Mayer

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