“Playing” the Victim

“Playing the victim” – not Embodying/claiming our Power to Create


To start, there’s a reason it’s called “playing” the victim; it is because there’s a degree of acting involved as if we don’t have the Will & Power to change a situation, but this is not our True Nature. When we are yearning to make a change it must be in cohesion when Source Calls for it. We aid in bringing a more rapid and intense change by DOING what will change us.. so Live the Vibration, & this lets Source know that we are serious about actively aligning ourselves with what we once spoke about becoming.

What’s amazing is that once internalized, it’s known within every situation we have a choice. We can play the Victim or we can be Responsible and claim that which we always manifest; when we do, we acknowledge the ever-present Truth – we hold the most major role in creating the situation we are in. I simply realized this by tracing my thought process late at night when I wanted to drink some pop before going to bed haha.

I knew I shouldn’t have so my first thought was “No, you never drink pop anyways”, but there was an urge that arose right after saying, “you’re just a little thirsty, it’s not too bad for you, it’s just a little bit”. I instantly knew what was happening; my Ego was trying to convince me that it was alright to partake to the smallest degree, because if I did then it would have its in and I’d give into whatever amount.

I realized I had to tell myself no again & that there was a power in it that I resonated with strongly. It reminded me that there’ll always be different amounts of pressure & the more difficult to deal with, the easier it is to play the victim & act as if we don’t have a choice. The decision making is much more difficult when there are more external factors.

At times it can seem impossible to know how we are truly going to respond when in a heavily pressured situation; for example use someone thinking, “I’m extremely overweight or addicted to something, I know I need to change the way I eat or cope with something or else I’ll keep suffering & this will not only just keep diminishing my Spirit but will also cause me to die sooner than I think!”, The Knowing comes from the internal feeling.

There’s an instantaneous Feeling experienced when there’s an understanding that an opportunity to make a decision has emerged, and it is accompanied by a strong Bold Heart Beat-like response; the Response is a signal so understood by us, because it’s Primordial, that we know what it’s telling us we’ll do before we come to some ‘mental conclusion’ of what it is, what the signal says, & whether or not we will choose to follow the signal or ignore it. It Knows before we Know what we are going to do, mainly due to us being so clouded by illusions we create to justify behaving in ways we desire, despite knowing we should choose a better path or decision.

What the playing the Victim does, or really is, is not reaching into our Higher Awareness or Vision. I say this because as I was traveling back through my thought process, I had the epiphany that to ‘fall short’ is to become stagnant in a state where we Accept another Illusion; a belief that we have no control or ability to alter the course of our lives since we have been in a certain state for so long! To fall short is to forget.. to not take the extra & crucial step that is within a state of Self-Realization that says “the only reason I felt so comfortable being in such an uncomfortable place which I knew I shouldn’t have been, is because I made it comfortable.. out of a greater fear than living in the bullshit, Fear of changing the bullshit”.

This Higher-Self or more Aligned perspective (also known as Awareness) is crucial because it is the further step needed to be taken, while it is also still simultaneously the 1st or Primordial step. It is the further step because due to not being taught how to stay Aligned with this, we’ve fallen into the programming and belief that we can’t change things and hopefully someone else will come save us. It is the Primordial step because this is our very Being; to be able to realize we ARE.. & that to BE or have ARE-ness is the very Unfolding or Change stimulating the Awakening/wake up call that revitalizes Self-Empowerment. This step, once taken, therefore Embodied.. since we are the steps we take or the actions we are IN, gives us the Vision to see where we decided we would live in a vibration lesser than we should allow for ourselves. It is the Vision that allows us to see, “I gave up in that instance which is why I’ll be in a certain position, and why later when I am in the position, it’ll show I’m there because of the previous choice” & that this stringing together of Decisions is Life & exhibits how we cultivate our Lifestyle.

It shows us when we either decide “I am going to claim responsibility for all situations, painful & cheery, since I know I created these experiences & will only create more of what I Embody” or “no matter what, I’ll just be a victim of circumstances that I never get a chance to create because I always seem to get pulled into a spiral of downward energy”. This Vision/Mode of Being is the difference between Self-Created Enslavement or Self-Induced Liberation.



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