I love the rain – the Natural Catharsis

After The Rain (by AquaSixio-d6x2jpl

After The Rain by AquaSixio

I never realized how much I loved rain – the natural catharsis.

It makes it ok. It makes it alright, to be fulfilled, even if with emotions & thoughts that way you down. It makes it ok to let it all go. It’s funny how Nature understands us; I didn’t understand until one day I gave my all into something & it didn’t receive the appraisal I thought it deserved. I remember leaving school, overcome with a feeling I never experienced previously. I was destroyed inside because it was about my life, & simply put, I was told it wasn’t good enough. It was clear outside 20 min before when I first looked out the window but as I began walking out, it started pouring & became dark & gray – it felt right. As I stepped out, the tears followed. With every step it was like I was being communicated with & comforted; I was being told that it was ok to release everything I’ve ever held on to about not being good enough, as well as I was never alone – especially when it felt that way the most.

It’s funny, I was doing a healing & I can’t remember where I read it, but as I was doing the healing on a friend/client I could feel he wouldn’t let go of everything in his root that he despised. I told him I understood because I had been there for idk how long; right after that, I knew I was completely channeled because what appeared to me as being directly over my right shoulder was some kind of land or plane-scape for lack of better terminology but there were over 50 angels I could readily see all toppled upon a eachother in happiness, abundance, cheer, and grace. I remember almost wanting to cry because of how beautiful it was (& of course since your average person wouldn’t believe someone saying this, would even deem them crazy, & most likely follow it up by alienation). I understand, I would’ve before I got into spirituality and had life teach me that I truly know nothing. Being the channel, it felt as if I was the being strictly receiving the message but I understood the love I was being given was meant to be passed on to my friend. It came in the form of a message “when you feel the most alone, that’s when God & your angels are screaming the loudest to you to listen”. When I said it to him he opened his eyes with a look of awakedness. He asked me to repeat it because “it was exactly what he needed to hear”. I told him “I know, it’s because it was directly from your angels and they’re just asking you to completely open up to their love and the rest will be taken care of for you”. It’s been hands down, one of the best healing sessions I’ve ever been a part of/conducted due to my level of Awareness.

I compare & relate these to eachother because ultimately they are the same situation just different circumstances. I told him it all depended on his willingness to let go, surrender & when he did it would make sense. Which it already did, but in an insurmountable greater way. Same as me in the rain. We both struggled with the same “concept” – letting go. It isn’t a concept at all which is what disabled us, it’s an action that actually requires the least amount of effort. It just takes a strong will, focus, & heart to decide it’s time to become what we’ve always hoped for. We can make the choice at any moment of our lives & that’s the moment that nothing will ever be the same again.


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