Trust what’s True – Intuitive Balance

As always, I woke up and began my morning rituals of yoga, tai chi, and the much needed appetizing prerequisite to these energetic feasts, which I call power-ups. They are simple techniques I use to wake up & circulate my energy, like rubbing my body down or focusing on breathing in prana. Usually when I do them, I’m in a more quiet state of mind that resembles lucid dreaming as opposed to our normal, mid-day active,  neurotic minds; this can be used to a great advantage if you remain focused. It’s not hard to hear when your Heart, Intuition, Soul, or Angels speak to you & right after waking up out of a (hopefully) lucid, aware state is the perfect time to listen while they speak to you in the tranquil silence. Today the beautiful, inspirational message was:

If you have a feeling. Go with it. That feeling is The Truth. An Undeniable Truth. I’m not just talking emotions & feelings, rational or irrational. I’m speaking on The Feeling, The Knowing.

That feeling is Alive, allowing you to know that there is something more, and somehow at the moment you are coinciding with it. At first you may seem resistant, mostly due to curiosity & intense doubt, but there’s no mistake it’s resonating with & within you.

You Know this. You can Feel it in the words & your internal dialogue as you read it. Depending on how strong your Awareness is, you’ll be able to separate the multiple dialogues but ultimately see how it plays into the one.

You understand what this is about, what you’re destined for. To find this forceful, lively inspiration, harness it, & allow it (& I strongly stress to allow/Accept) to spring you forth into a new, challenging territory, created as a catalyst for your Awakening. There’s so many levels of it that it’s irrelevant to touch on now, but the beginning is trusting (I stress this just as much as accepting because when you find out what it is that you’re truly trusting, it’ll make sense how the “mechanics” of The Universe really works) this feeling/guidance.

To trust it means your faith is more pertinent in your evolution than anything else within your life, which there’s a great reason for. Ultimately, this is all to say many of us want to believe there is more to life but we seem to cling on harder to the idea that we’ve yet to be blessed with a “clear” sign, no matter how much we want to believe.

The other side of it is, many individuals, in hopes of desperately creating a life of meaning & success claim to see the signs at every moment but don’t understand (in many cases) chakras may be blocked or overactive (in this case most likely the Third Eye – Anja Chakra) & cause them to view life through a distorted, clearly superstitious lens.

As always, the only answer is Balance. This is my greatest struggle, to not over-do something or just give up on it all together, but this is where The Key resides. It’s about listening to what is already written out for us & when we are unsure or bombarded with the voices of our mind, we must find recess in the silence of our Soul. It’s here where the Truth is Spoken & Understood. When in true doubt, don’t listen to your ego, chatter of your peers, or authority figures. Not because their opinions aren’t worthy, or they lack the correct answer, but because no one Knows the answer for you & your life like you do when you Are (Present & Still) & connected to The Great Spirit – which all is made up of.

Only then will you know what to truly do & how to take action. Until that moment, relax & let your self enjoy the road to this Awakening. That’s when the actual journey begins =]



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