Somebody’s Watching

Somebody’s Watching

It’s what it sounds like, whether you like it or not. Have you ever felt a presence that just seemed to be hovering around or lingering on you (worse case, completely infiltrated your psyche)? No, I’m not talking about negative entities or some distant being/form like ghosts, but that’s not to say I don’t believe in them in one way or another haha.

I’m talking somewhat more specific & personal, not on the “spiritual” plane like our Angels, but on the Earthly, “day to day” plane. The people we’re around everyday, regardless if we realize it or not. So that doesn’t only include our family, friends, and partners; we have to take into consideration the passenger on the subway we sit next to every morning on our way to work, or the cashier we talk to every lunch break in between classes. We exchange energy on the daily basis with these individuals! As if one exchange wasn’t powerful enough to create a lasting impression.

So if one interaction with a stranger, or an interaction with someone “unrelated” to you that you see regularly can exchange vital “energetic” info about you & create such a powerful effect, what can we expect in situations with those closest to us, especially when charged with our most positive & negative feelings.

This is where it gets interesting, because these emotions & thoughts (like always) are being relayed, regardless if the receiver is open enough to hear the message, as well as if the sender is aware enough to realize what it is doing & emanating.

Often you have moments where you think about someone and they call you, or your friend tells you that you literally just took the words out of their mouth in an eerily excited way.

It’s no secret about the level of connectivity between it All. With a new wave & trend of spirituality, it’s almost difficult to not hear left & right how everything is energy & that it’s all connected. But honestly, wtf does that even really mean? Unfortunately, that’s a whole article & lifetime of dedication to answer haha & it still wouldn’t be truly explained. Fortunately, we all come to understand that as far as we can understand ourselves & that’s what’s most important, because we start to learn about certain Existential Truths, we See, Feel, & experience things like Beauty in a way that was not accessible before this level of openness I’m speaking about.

I’m only here to show a facet or derivative of energy’s Nature. This is where we get into the true concept of the article. Whether you & the “doer” are aware of it, there’s a great amount of time where you’re being watched or being given something that doesn’t truly belong to you. What do I mean by this?

Have you ever had a friend that you were once so close to, nothing could separate you two? Ok, lets say then, that there was a strong defining moment that tore you apart whether it was wanting the same role in a school play, a disagreement on how a situation should of played out, or simply both of you needed to be right & carried just as strong a need for the other to be wrong, the point is it didn’t end alright. Obviously there was still loose feelings, “I should’ve said this”, “I didn’t get/give all my stuff back”, “I never got to express how I truly felt”. It’s all rooted in the need to express something that never got to flourish.

What’s sad is, for most of us, when we don’t express this, it takes its form in a negative & obsessive behavior.

It can be a thought pattern, “they never really cared”, or a learned behavior like letting no one in. What’s being expressed is the previous pain but looped on a cassette, along with confusion of why it was so & the inability to correct the initial “mistake”.

Instead of turning inward with this pain to work with AND through the pain, we clash with it, we fight, our soul begs. We only & I mean only, hope that this will magically disappear, with no more effort on our part. We become hopeless in our true power, we become desperate, looking for an out in a desolate land where we can only find our lost self. We need a scape goat. We need a reason, because Lord knows we didn’t put ourselves here.. right? Nowhere down the line do we remember just saying, sign me up for this, especially this. So when it didn’t go our preconceived way, who’s to blame? I mean, if it’s just you in a situation (like castaway) it may be a bit easier to say it’s ultimately out of your hands, if you know not to curse Source’s name, but what happens when it’s two people? If you’re not to blame then it must be the other person right? That’s how blame works. If it can not be assigned to anyone, what good is it? I mean really, think about that.

Once we fall into the pattern, it’s a negative slippery slope, because there’ll never be a way to salvation for the accuser, they find it by putting the blame of situational “failure” on someone else, while remaining blind to thyself & any responsibility they held.

So, how easy is it to say, “screw that person”, “they’re a piece of shit”, “they never meant anything to me” or “I’m ok, they didn’t get to me” when we feel someone else is at fault. It’s way too easy to wish ill upon someone that you feel has already placed ill will upon you.

Now, what’s most important. The thoughts you hold, the emotions you replay (while also shielding yourself from truly experiencing), the behaviors you’ve created because of it all, & the spirit you’ve retained about the whole relationship is what’s not just “virtually” alive, it is already/instantly Present in actuality.

You’ve walked down the street before or been reading a book and just had a strong, negative pull before that you could somehow understandably relate to someone as if they were talking badly about you at that moment. You also had moments where you were met with the equivalent of blissful energy, just Love pouring through you & that persons being, near or far.

This is what I mean by Somebody’s Watching. This has so many implications & yes we could go into entities, “higher” entities, Angels, guardians, but that’s outside of the extent I’m focusing on. I’m specifically showing the Giving & Receiving Nature of energy on a couple of levels.

How do we protect ourselves?

Essentially, we are becoming Aware of the level of attachment we each have to situations. Regardless if I hate you because you wrong me, or if I just miss you & am sad because I’m nostalgic of the good times we used to have, there’s ‘a level of attachment’ & in both cases whoever is feeling the attachment usually also has a strong attachment to the need of another individual experiencing that feeling, good, bad, pain, & all.

We must remove ourselves from this. There are ways to honor the past, even “negative” events & situations, without remaining in the past. By becoming present, creating new clarity, & accepting what it was we were meant to surrender to, we open our Being to embody the lesson.

There’s a few different techniques (which I’ll go into greater detail in later articles) I use to make sure the energetic connections or chords I have with people are cut or dissolved, keeping me fresh & aligned to my own energy. This important for consistent & “uninhibited” growth. There will be many things that test or thrive on compromising your energy, it’s to our greatest advantage to identify these as quickly as possible and eliminate them (all healing material stresses the importance of prevention so as to not need healing on what could’ve been avoided altogether).

My favorite method includes invoking the Archangels. I read in an amazing article by an author Supriya, writer for Reiki, on how to create an energy sword and use this in conjunction with an intention set with Archangel Michael to separate you from anything not serving your Highest Purpose.

I also use a technique called a Reiki shield. These are pure, energetic “barriers” you set around yourself with the power of intention & your own ability to get attuned with the power that’s Ever-Present, all in an act of protecting yourself from the “lower” pulls & desires of the everyday mind & ego.

The next technique I use in tandem with the former (which to be honest I do with most techniques, the first technique may be a mix of energy work & an archangel article I read & I combined them haha, but most techniques are strengthened when utilized together & efficiently) is connecting with my Spirit Guide. I call out to her, wait for her response – which is usually a comforting feeling that resembles a divine or pure blanket or cloak wrapping my body then existence (I love my Guide 😊) & I state my intention. As with any work, it begins & will be seen through by the Intention stated. I ask her to aid me in what it is that I need to develop in order to serve my Purpose as I must and to not allow anything detrimental into my field. You’ll be surprised by the power of these techniques, I’ve been doing them for years and still get caught in disbelief daily haha.

There’s a ton more! To be honest if you can think of it, you can do it, as well as find another technique to strengthen it or aid it in being more balanced, it’s all about Intention!

I really hope you enjoyed and learned a few things, even if you already knew everything I talked about! I had so much I wanted to cover and get across while keeping it focused, & surprisingly, for a quick 5 min writing idea that turned into a hour writing piece I think I did a pretty decent job 😊

Peace & Love

Watch Your Thoughts

Watch Your Thoughts

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