Stored Stress

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Stored Stress

Stress is terrible, plain and simple. It doesn’t make us feel good, and it sure doesn’t make it apparent that it even has the chance of making our life better or serves a purpose. What’s funny is, it can & it does. Like anything in our life, it can be used to make our life better, if addressed appropriately & it indefinitely serves a purpose. The key portion of that was ‘if addressed appropriately’, for many reasons.

Many of us, regardless of age, haven’t been truly taught how to positively cope with our emotions & thoughts, nor have we been taught how to express these similarly. Obviously this is a problem. It becomes a free-for-all about how to deal with this unaddressed mess, “luckily” we have all these structures & institutions in place that tell us how to interact with other people and authority figures right? NO.

I’m not going to bore you with the repetitive statements that society & the current methods of teaching are ineffective & solely preach a submissive dialogue to lead a mindless population. It doesn’t matter if this is my belief or not. What matters is, have we realized we’ve all yet to learn how to “deal” with ourselves? Does it bother you I had to use the phrase “deal with” to describe the relationship you have with yourself? As if you’re putting up with yourself & just making it through, but not with another person, or even a situation!

Just you… being.. with. You.

I can’t stress how important that really is, but for the sake of saving your time, let’s keep it going haha.

The core of this is the issue of not knowing how to Care for ourselves. For example, if I’m sad & don’t know how to comfort myself, whether that be walk through it again or just have sympathy & not bad talk myself, then how can I find the true capacity to genuinely do that for someone else. If I can not honestly sit in a room by myself in quiet for an extended amount of time, I won’t even say 1hr or 30min, but 2 minutes, then there’s an issue. What’s being played within my head is overwhelming & because I’m feeding it, through avoiding but still focusing on it, it’s stronger, louder, and only becoming more persistent.

Usually we’re not taught how to do the opposite of what we’ve commonly observed. Most of us are hindered by the stored stress we carry around like needed baggage. This is why I gave the intro of how most of us deal with this baggage first, to demonstrate how the majority of the population (as far as I can observe) hasn’t had that gift of someone instructing them the on importance of listening to our selves, body, & mind. If the majority did, then sickness – physical & mental would be a bit less prevalent, lack of communication & community, the inability to establish peace between certain groups & nations would diminish; although seemingly too grand of a scale, if we’ve all been properly taught how to master & be mindful of ourselves, we would see an impact on the mind, body, & spirit of not just the people but the planet & entire Universe.

We must learn that the stress we store inside, needs to be “properly” released, that means painting, building, swimming, boxing, talking, just an outlet that is conducive to growth & not violence or some negative sense of destruction. What’s just as important to realize is, the longer we let it build up, the easier it is to NOT release this energy when it is appropriate or to whom or what it should actually be directed towards.

Stress is something that when handled as a motivating factor, not the sole factor though, it can drive us away from a place of comfort and stagnancy. Sometimes, without stress we’d never grow and would die doing the same things for 80 years, comfortable with not expanding our world because we’re bound to a fear of change. It’s one thing to do something because you love it, it’s another to be bound to a circumstance because you’re too fearful to explore alternative “options”; but this is our lives we’re talking about. An “option” is ultimately a different lifestyle, a different taste, a difficult culture, thought process, way to love, & way to Be. So when it’s put like that, let’s not miss out on another “option” because we’re too afraid we’re not ready, whether that be because we haven’t let go of that stored baggage or because we haven’t experienced what’s to come before.

That’s the beauty of life, when we leave behind what’s meant to stay behind, we arrive to what was always awaiting us.

Don’t let stress & a fear of change stop you from living the life of Health, Abundance, and Joy you’ve always wanted to live.

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