Why Me?

Why Me?
Have you ever asked yourself this simple question?
Not in the “poor me” way, where we’re victim of circumstance, but in the most inquisitive & subjective way. Why Me?
Why is it me chosen for this specific role in the play? Why has this friend, or this specific group of friends chosen me to be an addition? Why did that driver decide out of the 100’s of people to skip over, I was the one to let the road rage out on? How out of everyone, did I get chosen to win the raffle? Why Me?

Depending on the way I ask this question, I know the mood & state of mind I am in.
It’s a choice between being defeated or victorious. One mode leads nowhere but into further wallow & despair, the other has the potential to push us beyond what we could ever believe to be True.

The next time you catch yourself aware of a situation & ask “why me”, observe the space you ask the question from.

Do you feel like you must be inevitably cursed and “this just had to happen to me”?
Or do you feel like “I wonder what it means or what I’m suppose to learn from it”?
There’s a difference. A different approach in attitude.

This week I’ve been focused on my attitude, really watching how it appears, what it’s really like & how I’ve come to develop it. I’ve found plenty of things I like, dislike, understand, & don’t, but that’s not most important; what is, is understanding whatever attitude you reflect knowingly or unconsciously it will “make itself back to you”.

To truly understand this, is to answer the question..

“Why Me?”

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