I Got A Feeling


“I’m not good enough. Yea I guess I’m sorta funny sometimes. Why do I have to look like this exactly? Why did I say that, that sounded dumb? I can be so stupid at times”.
This sound like anyone you know? This is the brain in it’s “normal”, anxious state. This shouldn’t be normal, but I’d say there’s a great amount of individuals out there right now with this type of negative thought pattern as their current mindset.

Too often do we spend time in what I’d like to call inferior feelings. We allow doubt to not just make its way in, but set up shop and have a role in our daily decisions. This is the major problem. We allow a place of negativity & discontent to have an active voice in how we see things, how we interact with everything, & what we deem as possible. It should, now more than ever, make sense as to why it’s important to keep clean & empowered thought patterns.

Mental health is just like physical health; it must be worked on everyday, and it isn’t sufficient enough to solely stay out of partaking in “bad” habits. You must also stay simultaneously active in positive habits. If not, you’re previous actions will be replaced with something that’s just as negative or worse.

It takes time to build ourselves up to a place of constant, automated, self-empowerment. I’m not acting as if it’ll be quick, easy, or guaranteed to happen within the next year, but I promise if you continually work towards it, it will come to be. With the current state of things, it’s easy to see we live in a world & mindset where nothing just ever seems to be enough. This thought and belief is at the root of most of our doubt (dare I say all of doubt). The belief of “I’m not good enough” takes the toll on the psyche, which was programmed to believe I must collect things & external solutions to fulfill my shortcomings. This is not true and where a vast majority of us waste our time, energy, & life.

Due to this one, persistent, reoccurring dialogue, we talk to ourselves differently. We treat & address ourselves differently. As if we are less. As if we fxcking deserve less! But you’re more than that. Right? So you deserve more than that. Right? So why don’t YOU tell yourself that?! Why don’t you believe it?

That dialogue we have everyday with ourselves is reflective of how we feel about the world around & within. That dialogue is the radar for how healthy of a relationship we have with life & how well our integration into it & as part of it is truly going.

This means if we don’t tell ourselves we are worthy, that we deserve more, that we are sufficient in ourselves, then no one will nor will believe you. Without being our biggest supporter, we don’t create the space for anyone else to genuinely desire to support our dream. Why would they though? Who wants to contribute to something that seems dismal & already going downhill? No one, especially if the one person who’s a part of the dream doesn’t believe.

It’s essential we change these inferior feelings into, for lack of a better term, “superior” feelings. We must come to believe in our true nature and the power of it or else we forfeit this birthright.

I’m not going to go too in depth about the power of words, but understand they truly bring about the structure that you speak into existence.

Abracadabra’s origin has been known as a possible derivative of the Aramaic phrase “I create as I speak”, regardless of its roots, in all translations the power of word & its influence on reality is accentuated. In other traditions such as Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.’s family, The Toltec Wisdom, it is clearly made explicit very early, that the use of The Word is magic, and whether it be for empowerment or degrading means, Magic is at work. The moment the tongue lifts, or a thought is molded & takes flight, the ether is manipulated to bring about the “answer” to the call or “cause” to the “effect”.

The best way to make sure you’re healthy in all affairs: business, personal, mental, emotional, you need to remind yourself that you are a being worthy of Love. Remind yourself of all the wonderful things you are & do everyday. Tell yourself what you need to hear without being too judgmental or lenient. Understand that you’re not perfect, but only because you’re not perfect in your own “human” standards. It’s only because you haven’t realized the perfection in what you deem as flaw.

It’s very simple, yet seemingly ever-fleeting & difficult.

To secure your success, you must be comfortable in yourself & to gain a sense of comfort, we first have to rid ourselves of any inferior thoughts that bring us to a lower version of ourself.

Then we make enough room for the growth to expand.

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