Remaining Resistant To Change

fighting yourself by Alexandra


Have you ever felt like you’re reliving the same thing over and over again? Yea, it can be one experience that comes to mind almost naturally.. but that’s usually connected to a bigger picture & a boatload of these repetitive “events” that we’ve yet to become aware of.

One of the easiest examples can be drawn up from the common American diet. Simply put, plenty of fast food, sugary beverages, & a meat to veggies ratio that practically makes our vegetable intake nonexistent. In one word, unhealthy. A breeding ground for dis-ease. But we “love” it.

This isn’t some hidden, well-kept secret, it’s a blatant, & accepted reality. If it’s not as complex as we like to make all our problems seem, then why wouldn’t we change.. especially since this IS a matter of Life or Death, Quality of Life. I think the answer is as simple as the reason why we currently & have always continued to do it… just “because we do it”.

How often is it that you ask someone why they do something & to the best of their ability to recall, they can only admit it’s because “they’ve always done so”.

Obviously there’s a reason behind the long repetitious behavior, but that’s just it, at this point it’s because a pattern has formed and to not perform the pattern would be disruptive to the person’s everyday being. Ya know, Anxiety? Existential Angst?

Self-explanatory right? Stupid to even note, yea? No.

It demonstrates the power of repetition & the intensity of it’s nature to mold the blueprint for our path. It makes it apparent we tend to do something “in the beginning” because of the tug we feel on our heart strings when we first identify with it i.e. the chef that only cooks a dish in one very specific style because of Mom or Grandma; it doesn’t matter if it’s a thousand different ways to do it or if you discover the way you learned to do it was “wrong”, what matters is the present meaning you carry away from it. There’s something within you that holds on to it, so instead of mac’n’cheese translating to mac’n’cheese, it translates to Mom, Grandma, & I sure were close or something alike, usually sentimental & withholding the capacity to trigger you at any moment it’s addressed.

It’s those type of “tethers” or connections that we usually hold on to, but in an unhealthy way; we tend to think if things “escape us” we’re going to fall apart, in terrible attempts at being masters of control, we try to hold ourselves together by holding on to the stuff we believe makes us, “us”. The way we think though, it makes it difficult, almost next to impossible, to separate our True Self from all the “experiences” we believe to be us. But I promise this is where we must start. We must come to the Realization we are more grand than the one experience, that made us a part of who we are, but that isn’t who we Are as a Whole. We are All of our “experiences” & in a way, we live beyond what we call “experience”, and alike to Source in the sense we are all “of it” (or deriving from) which demonstrates its Omnipresence, and to define it only through one of its “experiences” & not the sum of its parts would be minimizing Abundance.

The only way to understand & clear our Selves of resistance is to dissolve our attachment to “experience”, to experience but not remain idle in it. It’s to remember that what we call time, has no real option to slow down, & at bare minimum to survive, we must keep up the pace. We have to continue to move through whatever situation we’re placed in, almost as if the backdrop on a stage continually changes & the actors adjust accordingly. If we don’t adapt, becoming open to what is, in the most literal sense we die. Remaining resistant to change is at best pointless & as hinted at before, to remain resistant only because we’ve been so previously may seem sensical but it’s truly insane, mainly because who are we to think something is gonna change if we never choose to?

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