All You Need to Know about Me & My Purpose

What I truly aspire to do is merge psychology, writing, and spirituality to aid people in following their dreams to stimulate the growth they’ve always wanted become through fulfilling their Purpose. I aspire to be a spiritual mentor; I’ve practiced yoga for a little over 5 years now, tai chi for 5 years, and also practiced Reiki (energy) healing for 4 years now.

When I found my Purpose it literally spoke to my heart to tell me “your Purpose is to help everyone else find theirs”, I cried in an unbelievable Joy & Ecstasy because I could only see The World as Love.

Maybe about two to three months after, I allowed life to weigh me down again, through my own self-doubt that my Purpose to write on Knowing Thyself was too big of a task for me.  I have finally surrendered myself to Love & to the Universe, having accepted my lifelong challenge.

This is my Purpose & Blessing to you; may you find yours in the Perfect-Moment, and if you have already, please never lose the courage to keep ambitiously striving towards your Dream-Purpose! Love & Light.



  1. Thank you so much for liking my poetry on WordMusic. I really appreciate it.

    Brent Kincaid

  2. I’m glad to read it and love getting inspired & moved by other artist’s work, so thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

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