Remaining Resistant To Change

  Have you ever felt like you’re reliving the same thing over and over again? Yea, it can be one experience that comes to mind almost naturally.. but that’s usually connected to a bigger picture & a boatload of these repetitive “events” that we’ve yet to become aware of. One …

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The Other You

  We all have a version of ourselves we’ve wanted to avoid or live opposite of. Whether we’re not as social as we’d like to be, maybe we wish we had more self control, or we just wish we were as likeable as the people around us with those magnetic …

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I Got A Feeling

  “I’m not good enough. Yea I guess I’m sorta funny sometimes. Why do I have to look like this exactly? Why did I say that, that sounded dumb? I can be so stupid at times”. This sound like anyone you know? This is the brain in it’s “normal”, anxious …

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You’re not right, I am!

  This issue is too many of us are consumed in comparison. We all have this “you haven’t seen what I’ve seen” mentality, regardless if you have seen the highest of dimensions, the brightest of angels or the darkest of demons. Too many have that mentality as if that’s the …

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Why Me?

Why Me? Have you ever asked yourself this simple question? Not in the “poor me” way, where we’re victim of circumstance, but in the most inquisitive & subjective way. Why Me? Why is it me chosen for this specific role in the play? Why has this friend, or this specific …

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Stored Stress

Stored Stress Stress is terrible, plain and simple. It doesn’t make us feel good, and it sure doesn’t make it apparent that it even has the chance of making our life better or serves a purpose. What’s funny is, it can & it does. Like anything in our life, it …

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Somebody’s Watching

Somebody’s Watching It’s what it sounds like, whether you like it or not. Have you ever felt a presence that just seemed to be hovering around or lingering on you (worse case, completely infiltrated your psyche)? No, I’m not talking about negative entities or some distant being/form like ghosts, but …

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“Playing” the Victim

“Playing the victim” – not Embodying/claiming our Power to Create   To start, there’s a reason it’s called “playing” the victim; it is because there’s a degree of acting involved as if we don’t have the Will & Power to change a situation, but this is not our True Nature. …

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The Ankh – Symbol of Life

Allante McPhearson 9-30-14 Anthro. 303 The Ankh – Symbol of Life The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol. Many know it as “The Cross” with a handle. It looks exactly like the Christian’s Cross, due to the Christians deriving their symbol from the ancient version, but it has a circle …

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Perception (?)

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Puzzled

  Takes a strong mind to remember no matter how hard “solids” feel.. or how much I think my eyes see what ego calls “real.. my senses aren’t framing the True picture of reality-deception, I see deeper with my real eye to tune me & you into panoramic perception, a …

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They Ready (?)

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Puzzled

I was always lookin for they permission, growin up bout to split like nuclear fission, so I ain’t wit da boy.. I’m ATOM, Man.. I’m Adam, trillions of atoms making up you & me.. & the rest of reality for that matter, & it’s hidden spaces that you can’t see …

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Birth Vision

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Puzzled

    If u just STOP.. & Listen, you’ll get a Vision.. of something that’s been known since The Beginning, “The Thing“ you couldn’t sum up even if you added all the pieces   I get in this zone of creation, where.. my imagination, Knows.. no bounds or limitations, exceeding …

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I wanna BE.. [Solar Plexus]

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Shamanic-Sayains

  I wanna Be.. the ENERGY that SURGES through yo body that enters through yo feet & exits yo Crown, I wanna Be.. The Current.. ELEVATED level of conscious CONNECTEDNESS you experiencing right NOW, I wanna Be.. The FEELING that RESTORES the deterioration in your aura and creates a smile …

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4, 3, 2, 1 [Nadis-energy channels]

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Shamanic-Sayains

Four limbs 3 eyes 2 heads, 2 hearts 1 Soul & that contains The Gold, Obtain it then Remember your Role, in the Circle of Life.. you the Seed that Grows, turning into a Flower.. encircling its own growth, Becoming.. more Conscious Molded to a tree.. branching out to learn …

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Communication (Through The Heart)

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Shamanic-Sayains

(Heart & Throat Chakra) Hungry for intimate conversations, so in this society you see how it’s easy to face starvation, but higher-ups pushing the idea of gluttonous persuasions, (it’s why we) Fukin’ up in communication, Philosophy showin’ me how people stuck in Idle Chatter.. not addressing they Elation, but undressing …

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Eye of Truth [Third Eye]

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Shamanic-Sayains

Eye of Truth (Anja – 3rd Eye Chakra) Yesterday everything had eyes and was lookin at me, The Trees.. said you Grounded, The Grass said.. you Stand Tall, The Night said.. you Shine Bright, The Moon said.. you full of Light, Heart said you See It.. right, I said correct.. …

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Reflective-Connection [Crown]

This entry is part 7 of 7 in the series Shamanic-Sayains

Reflective-Connection (Crown Chakra) Somehow.. everytime I look at you.. I see my reflection, Look in-too my Eye.. see the you-in-the-verse.. every Eternal-Moment.. striving for Perfection, it’s an inwards arms reach so we always make it work out when we stretch to reach internally.. find Source.. and Remember all our past …

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Enlightened Friend (The Sun)

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Poetic-Reiki

  Enlightened Friend The Sun best friend, better yet Soul Brother.. always focused on embodying a brighter lens, never pretentious..  & exposes the one you want to be.. that doesn’t pretend.. but always hidden, like your inner eye.. benevolent aura & always bout Christ.. – Consciousness.. shines, my cypher …

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The Morning Shine – Book of Life intro

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series Poetic-Reiki

    The Morning Shine (The Son) This morning my Ego.. said leh go & tried to make me live without Source I felt divorced.. from Light-Life. wanted to die, Already did.. already Dead.. & every second The Dark gaining its edge.. Infinite I’m an infant, on the lip of …

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Poetry of Life & Poe-Free

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Poetic-Reiki

                              Poetry of Life  Poetry… Pushin me up a tree.. it’s Life. Phonetic pharoah, [it’s] funny I’m never facetious, Phoenician vividly vivacious, my Word is God..bringing vibration to the world…even in this text..sounds lik you re-creating …

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Suppressed Expression

This entry is part 4 of 15 in the series Poetic-Reiki

Suppressed Expression My first conscious decision.. was use of suppression, cuz all this society has taught as far as I learned is oppression, that’s why the homies use expressions.. Like I’m pressed And.. WHY Question, the fuk is a WHO, don’t Care about WHEN, HOW am I supposed to Create.. out …

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