Higher-Self Sayings/Divine Dialogue

“You are one thing only. You are a Divine Being. An all-powerful Creator. You are a Deity in jeans and a t-shirt, and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the Sacred creative Force of All that is, will be and ever was”

Anthon St. Maarten
The only constant is change, meaning everything within the Universe is a vibration that does not cease to move. If we are Aware we are not blinded by the veil that covers this physical reality, allowing us to consciously join our inevitable Divine evolution; by taking responsibility for our Life, we Joyfully take solace within knowing we have manifested a Life greater than ever dreamed of, and if not it, reminds us that we create our reality and at any time can change it as we intend! It’s so easy to hear our Higher-Self communicate with us; as stated by all Mystics and those whom are Wise, just listen to your intuition and follow your Heart!


Communication from our Higher-Self is Seen/Felt through anything and everything, with the point to get you to realize how blatant it is that you are being talked to through every movement, sound, sense of urgency, as it is all a Cosmic, Divinely Ordered, Chaotic Relationship. At Higher States of Consciousness, this becomes so apparent it is commonly pondered why it was much harder before embodying the intensified vibration to understand how everything is its own rhythm which plays into the more grand scale, Primordial Rhythm aka the Unified Cosmic Vibration which all is part of and playing into, as it, as One. Once we are in a state of Harmony we Understand everything not by labeling it but identifying with it’s “energetic properties” for lack of better phrasing and this allows us to receive not only what that “thing” is within itself, but also what it has been communicating or vibrating to/like. This is a powerful knowing that, once internalized, will instantaneously change how one interacts with the world around them through an internal modification. Once this is accomplished, the deepest meanings within everything is revealed and a Cosmic Dialogue or Divine Dialogue is established and becomes so strong that the ways to enrich our lives and the world around us is “downloaded to our program” at a moment by moment basis with mind-blowing information seeming to almost come from nowhere at an unbelievably fast and fluidic rate. It’s like a mode that is turned on and can be cut off just as quick; Eckhart Tolle goes into great detail about it in his book “The Power of Now”, while others like Eric Pepin talk about switching in and out of the hyper-state calling it the In-Between, and many have different names for it such as being “in The Zone” but yet have never taken the time to understand the “mechanics” of how it works as well as all that can be achieved within the Hyper-Conscious State. I first learned to Consciously access the State of Being overwhelmingly about 4 years ago when I started mediating and found my True-Self within; since then I have learned to achieve more grand States of Consciousness, how to maintain the duration and Bliss/Peace it brings, as well as documenting the amazing State of Being which reminds us of an Infinite Wisdom that is always accessible and within. For Higher-Self Sayings I’m going to post different motivational “knowings” or sayings that my Higher-Self passed on to me in order to help me achieve certain states/vibrations if internalized; if embodied, many of the sayings will truly inspire/challenge you to face your fears and live a life that tests you to move outside of your comfort zone by removing certain outdated beliefs and misconceptions you have about yourself, others, and Life itself. Thank you for stopping by as always! Love, Light, & Blessings


Tips For Channeling (tailored to Higher-Self)



Recommendations (activities)


Driving Alone, Meditating, Tai Chi, Yoga, Praying, Walking, Watching something intensely, Focus on identifying within anything, Energy Work, Crystal Interaction,


Recommendations (movies/tv)

Sense 8 – tv show


Recommendations (books)


Channeling – How To Reach Out To Your Spirit Guides – Kathryn Ridall

Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide – Sanaya Roman

The Spirit Book: The Encyclopedia of Clairvoyance, Channeling and Spirit Communication – Raymond Buckland

Valkyries – Paulo Coehlo



How To Do Automatic Writing – Edain McCoy

Learn How To Do Automatic Writing: Step by Step To Help You Access Higher Realms of The Mind – Irene Richardson

Writing The Divine: How To Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing – Sara Wiseman



Channeling Into The New Age – Henry Gordon






Blue Celestite

Blue Quartz

Clear Quartz

Gem Silica

Lemurian Quartz





Higher Balance Institute

Reiki Rays

Twisted Tree 

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